5 Ways the Eilik Desktop Companion Robot Will Transform Your Life with Positive Results

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The Eilik Desktop Companion Robot is an imaginative, artificially intelligent gaming figure that can make time spent sitting at your desk a whole lot more fun! However, this adorable little robot toy is about so much more than simple entertainment. Not only is this mini robot engaging, but he can also help you streamline your workflow.

With an Eilik Desktop Companion Robot, you can improve your productivity, track your scheduled activities, and stay on top of your day-to-day goals, all in a lighthearted and interactive way! Here are just five of the ways that this captivating desktop friend can positively transform your life at the office or at home.

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This Desktop Buddy’s Emotional Intelligence Can Brighten Your Day

This little robot toy offers numerous activities based on varying emotional states. His basic emotional functions are normal, happy, angry, and sad. Since these emotional processes are similar to what we experience as real live human beings, it’s easy to see how this desktop buddy can help brighten up your office. Indeed, this engaging animatronic companion can tap into numerous inner activities that will bring a smile to your face.

Each of Eilik’s programmed activities is selected to pair with an emotional state based on complex artificial intelligence algorithms. For instance, if this little robot is in a happy mood, he may play certain games, laugh, or engage in other giddy and interesting behaviors. Or, when feeling sad, he may produce digital tears on his interactive facial screen.

Eilik Emotional Intelligence
Photo Credit: Energize Lab

Not only are Eilik’s antics entertaining, but they can help keep you grounded, reminding you that there’s more to life than just the computer screen. Plus, these cute robotic stunts can really cheer you up when you’re bored at your desk! And let’s face it, with so much time spent at our desks these days, who doesn’t need something lively and amusing to break through the monotony?

As a matter of fact, studies show that smiling and maintaining a positive attitude at work can boost your productivity on the job. Not only will smiling make you feel positive and generally happier, but it can help improve your ability to complete critical tasks in a timely fashion.

Play Games with a Unique Companion Robot Who is Endlessly Engaging

If you want a robotic desk toy that can play games, keep track of work activities, and maintain a keen level of interest when you are completing projects at the office, this is a fantastic option to look into. Each of these interactive robot companions comes with three touch-sensitive zones. One is located on the front, one on the back, and one on the top of the head.

An array of responses can be evoked from your robot friend based on the touch-sensitive interaction zone you prompt. Get giggles, growls, or even blasted with a digital laser gun depending on the area you brush and the mood your robot is in. This robot is even afraid of heights, meaning that when you pick him up, he will show you his distress with exclamatory sounds and upset facial expressions.

Since there are so many ways to engage with this robotic pal, it’s easy to keep busy as you wait for important phone calls, count the minutes until it is time to take a break, or impress your co-workers. Or, simply give your buddy a pat on the head to get a morale boost between projects.

You Can Double the Fun with Two, Three, or More Interactive Gaming Figures

What’s better than one interactive gaming robot? How about two? Or, really get the party started with three or four bots! These robots can be joined together so that they can interact with one another, mimic each other’s emotions, and play games.

Photo Credit: Energize Lab

So, if you get yourself one of these cute desk bots, you may just inspire a co-worker to get a matching buddy. Then, you can let them interact and watch the entertainment unfold. Not only does this give you an excuse to chat with your co-workers, but it can also boost morale at work. According to studies published in 2014 by the National Library of Medicine, positive workplace interactions can enhance your perceptions of health and well-being at the office.

Bearing this in mind, these interactive robots are ideal for offices where more than one person wants to have the same desktop pet. When you click bots together, they immediately begin responding to each other’s emotes, prompts, audio exclamations, and moods. They can fight, prank one another, or tell each other jokes in their secret robot language.

Stay on Task and Time Your Activities

Perhaps one of the most important functions of this little robot toy is its inherent ability to help you complete important tasks. You can time assignments, set alarms, or use your robot buddy to keep things productive at the busiest times. Alarm sounds and facial expressions indicate Eilik’s timer settings to help you stay on track and in a good mood.

Eilik’s time assistance features can easily be activated by pressing the top of the robot’s head. He will then helpfully indicate how long a timer has remaining via numbers on the facial screen. When a timer is about finished, the screen then transforms into a pixelated alarm bell that sounds off to let you know when time’s up. What a fun way to supercharge your productivity!

Emotionally Intelligent Energize Lab Features Make Eilik an Ever-Evolving Work Buddy

This constantly evolving robot has numerous comprehensive features that help it learn and develop. Pair your bot with Mac or PC to gain access to a wealth of fascinating features and new programming modes. This emotionally intelligent desktop toy was developed by a team of robotic analysts and AI professionals at Energize Lab.

An array of advanced design concepts, movements, expressions, dances, games, and storylines were integrated into the core of this little robot. You can teach and grow your bot pet’s interaction styles through software updates for unlimited interactive potential.

Photo Credit: Energize Lab

The Bottom Line: If You Want to Positively Transform Your Work Zone, The Eilik Desktop Companion Robot is Definitely Worth Checking Out!

All in all, this comprehensive little robot toy developed by Energize Lab has endless potential and is an incredibly fun companion to have around the office.

Your unique desktop robot can revolutionize the way you time tasks, interact with co-workers, or simply keep the monotony at bay during the work day. Say goodbye to analog clocks or mindlessly playing Solitaire at your desk. Instead, say hello to your new best bot buddy!


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