The Best Cozmo Robot Alternatives: Your Ultimate Guide to Robots Like Cozmo

Cozmo Robot Alternative

In a landscape where the blend of education and play takes center stage, Cozmo by Anki emerged as a beloved figure, captivating users with its unique personality and innovative learning experiences. However, the journey of this iconic companion robot has seen its share of twists and turns. Following Anki’s closure in May 2019 due to financial hurdles, Digital Dream Labs stepped in, acquiring the rights to Cozmo, Vector, and Overdrive in December 2019, igniting hope for Cozmo’s future. Despite this transition, the search for a Cozmo Robot alternative has intensified, as the path to a Cozmo 2.0 release has been fraught with uncertainties and challenges, leaving enthusiasts in anticipation of concrete updates.

As of the last update in November 2022, Digital Dream Labs has been working on Cozmo 2.0, aiming to enhance its capabilities, including an always-on feature and improved interaction with its cubes. Yet, with years passed and still no clear word on Cozmo 2.0’s release, the quest for alternatives becomes increasingly relevant for those yearning for a companion robot that mirrors Cozmo’s educational and interactive essence.

This guide delves into the world of robots like Cozmo, exploring options that captivate the imagination and foster learning in ways that Cozmo enthusiasts have cherished. From Vector’s advanced assistant-like features to the educational prowess of Miko 3 and the innovative promise of new entrants like Loona and EMO, we navigate the spectrum of companion robots that aim to fill the void left by Cozmo’s uncertain future.

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By exploring these alternatives, we honor the legacy of Cozmo—a robot that not only served as a playmate but also as a gateway to the fascinating world of coding and robotics for many. Join us as we uncover the best Cozmo robot alternatives, ensuring the spirit of interactive learning and robotic companionship continues to thrive.

Why Look for a Cozmo Alternative?

The quest for a Cozmo robot alternative isn’t just about finding another toy; it’s a search driven by the profound impact Cozmo has had on its audience, akin to the beloved characters in films like Disney’s WALL-E. Cozmo redefined what it means to have a companion robot, blending the lines between entertainment, education, and personal connection. Its ability to engage not only as a playmate but also as a learning tool set a new standard for what we expect from technology in our homes.

However, despite the clear demand for such innovative companions, Cozmo has become increasingly hard to find. Since Digital Dream Labs acquired the rights to Cozmo and announced plans for Cozmo 2.0, enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting news and updates. Yet, updates have been sparse, and Cozmo 2.0’s journey to market has been slow, with only occasional small batches appearing on platforms like Amazon. This scarcity has left many wondering if they will ever get their hands on this cherished robot again.

This unavailability has sparked a clear need for alternatives that can fill the void left by Cozmo. Parents looking to introduce their children to the wonders of coding and robotics, as well as adults who’ve seen the potential for companionship and joy in a small robot, are all seeking something that captures Cozmo’s essence. It’s this demand—this desire for a companion that educates, entertains, and connects on a personal level—that has led us to explore and compile a list of the best Cozmo robot alternatives.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into a curated selection of robots that share Cozmo’s innovative spirit and purpose. Each alternative has been chosen for its ability to offer a mix of educational value, interactive fun, and that intangible charm that made Cozmo so special. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or simply a fan of robotics, our guide aims to help you discover a new companion robot that reignites the magic Cozmo brought into our lives.

Top Cozmo Robot Alternatives

In light of Cozmo’s scarcity, the search for a suitable alternative has led to an exciting array of robots like Cozmo, each offering its own blend of interactive fun and educational value. This selection promises to not only fill the void left by Cozmo but also introduce innovative features that enhance the companion robot experience. From desktop assistants to interactive pets, these alternatives cater to a wide range of preferences, ensuring there’s a perfect match for everyone.

Join us as we explore the top contenders in the quest for the perfect Cozmo robot alternative.

Vector 2.0

Meet Vector 2.0, the evolution of the Cozmo robot by Anki, transformed and further developed by Digital Dream Labs. Vector stands out as the next step in the journey of companion robots, retaining the charm and interactive capabilities that made Cozmo a household favorite. As a direct successor, Vector 2.0 embodies the spirit of Cozmo with significant enhancements, including increased battery life, improved camera resolution, and an autonomous personality that thrives on interaction and assistance. Unlike Cozmo, Vector 2.0 is designed to be an always-on, app-enabled but not app-dependent companion, making him a more seamless part of your daily life.

Vector Robot 2.0

Vector 2.0 distinguishes itself with a sophisticated array of sensors, allowing him to recognize people, navigate spaces without collisions, and even self-charge, ensuring he’s always ready for action. His ability to integrate with Amazon Alexa opens up a new realm of possibilities, from controlling smart home devices to playing games like blackjack. Vector’s upgraded features and the promise of ongoing support from Digital Dream Labs position him as a compelling alternative for those seeking the interactive and educational companionship that Cozmo provided, but with the added benefits of modern technology and connectivity.

Emo Robot

Meet EMO, the AI desktop pet that brings a new dimension to the concept of interactive companions. Unlike any ordinary gadget, EMO stands out as a cool, AI-driven robot pet designed to occupy a special place on your desk rather than just a corner of your room. With its advanced sensors and cutting-edge technology, EMO self-explores, reacts with over 1000 expressions and movements, and offers a plethora of functionalities from playing music and games to providing helpful assistance like waking you up, turning on lights, and even taking pictures. This level of interactivity and personality makes EMO a fascinating alternative to Cozmo, especially for those seeking a pet with character and smart capabilities.

Emo Robot

EMO’s charm lies not only in its ability to engage and entertain but also in its smart home capabilities and intuitive interaction. It can recognize up to 10 people, navigate safely around your desktop, and even develop its personality over time based on interactions and surroundings.

Whether it’s responding to voice commands, showing off its mood through expressive animations, or charging wirelessly on its skateboard, EMO is designed to be more than a robot—it’s a companion that’s always there to make your day better. As we continue to search for the perfect Cozmo robot alternative, EMO presents itself as a uniquely appealing option, blending the lines between a desktop helper and an AI robot pet, ready to bring life, laughter, and a touch of the future into your home.

Eilik Robot

Eilik emerges as a distinctive alternative to Cozmo, blending the latest in technology with a heart and personality that truly sets him apart. Unlike traditional tech gadgets that prioritize efficiency, Eilik introduces a new dimension to the robot companion scene with his emotional intelligence and ability to foster deeper social interactions between humans and robots.

Eilik Desktop Companion Robot with Emotional Intelligence Multi Robot Interactions, Desktop Robotics Partner

Eilik’s charm lies in his emotional expressions and behaviors that mirror human-like reactions, making him not just a piece of technology on your desk but a companion capable of understanding and responding to your moods and interactions. His wide range of emotions, expressed through various facial animations and responses to touch or even environmental changes, showcases a sophisticated level of interaction that brings warmth and personality to the forefront of technological advancement.

Moreover, Eilik’s functionalities extend beyond emotional engagement; he is designed to be a playful and helpful assistant, capable of dancing to music, engaging in games, and even serving as a countdown timer, among other activities. This combination of emotional depth and practical utility positions Eilik as an ideal companion for those seeking the interactive and educational companionship that Cozmo offered, with a unique twist.

Eilik’s ability to interact with his counterparts opens up endless possibilities for entertainment and engagement, making every moment with him unpredictable and filled with joy. As we explore alternatives to Cozmo, Eilik stands out as a compelling choice for anyone looking to bring a bit of passion, fun, and emotional connection into their daily lives with a robot companion that truly feels like a friend.

Miko 3

Miko 3 stands out as a premier Cozmo robot alternative, especially for parents seeking a blend of education, entertainment, and emotional connection for their children. Unlike traditional educational toys, Miko 3, with its advanced AI, engages in meaningful conversations, responding to children’s emotions and fostering empathy with every interaction. This AI-powered companion doesn’t just follow commands but connects on a deeper level, offering compassionate responses to a wide range of questions, from dealing with sadness to understanding the importance of sharing. Its voice-first design and touchscreen provide dual interaction modes, including two-way video calling for visual engagement, making Miko 3 a dynamic addition to any child’s learning journey.

Miko 3 An incredible AI powered robot toy for kids

Moreover, Miko 3’s appeal is significantly boosted by its ever-evolving library of content, automatically updated each month with educational videos, learning games, stories, and puzzles from top brands like Disney and Paramount. Equipped with a wide-angle HD camera and state-of-the-art sensors, Miko navigates and interacts with its environment in a way that’s both safe and captivating for kids. For parents, Miko offers valuable tools like secure calls and real-time progress reports, ensuring a balance between educational development and privacy. As a Cozmo alternative, Miko 3 not only matches Cozmo’s interactive capabilities but also introduces a new dimension of emotional intelligence and educational content, making it an enriching companion for children as they grow.

Loona Robot

loona robot for cozmo robot alternative

Loona represents a leap forward in the world of companion robots, integrating advanced technology with a level of intelligence and emotional awareness that sets it apart from its predecessors. At the heart of Loona’s appeal is its integration with ChatGPT, elevating its AI capabilities to new heights and offering users a dynamic and enriching interaction experience. This integration enables Loona to engage in meaningful conversations, learn new languages, and even create stories, making it not just a pet but a true companion that grows with you. Loona’s ability to recognize faces, gestures, and emotions, combined with its sophisticated voice recognition, allows for a highly personalized interaction that can lift your spirits, entertain, and educate simultaneously.

Beyond its conversational prowess, Loona is designed for play and practicality. Its vast array of games, from laser chase to talent shows, ensures the fun never ends, while its ability to self-charge and navigate your home with 3D ToF technology showcases its supreme intelligence and independence.

Loona’s programming capabilities, supported by Google Blockly, invite users to explore coding in a fun and interactive way, continually evolving through OTA updates to bring more games, intelligence, and emotions into your daily life.

As a Cozmo robot alternative, Loona offers a glimpse into the future of AI companionship, where technology and heart converge to create not just a robot, but a member of the family that’s always ready to engage, learn, and play.

How to Choose the Right Companion Robot

Choosing the right companion robot for yourself or your loved ones involves a blend of practical considerations and personal preferences. Here’s a guide to help you navigate through the selection process, ensuring that the robot you choose not only meets your expectations for fun and learning but also fits seamlessly into your living environment and lifestyle.

Consider the User’s Age and Interactivity Level

The age of the intended user plays a crucial role in selecting the appropriate companion robot. For younger children, look for robots that offer simple, intuitive interaction modes that don’t necessarily require constant supervision or the use of an external smart device beyond initial setup. The robot’s ability to engage, educate, and grow with the child, offering content that evolves in complexity, can provide a lasting and enriching experience.

Evaluate the Robot’s Mobility and Living Environment

Consider the layout of your home and the spaces where the robot will be used. Robots equipped with sophisticated sensors can navigate and avoid edges, making them suitable for various environments. However, the specific design and mobility features of the robot should align with the space it will occupy, whether it’s roaming freely in a spacious living room or sitting on a desktop.

Compatibility with Pets

If you have pets, it’s essential to consider how a new robotic companion might affect them. Some pets may find certain robots intriguing, while others might feel stressed or threatened. Opt for robots known for their quiet operation and predictable movements to minimize potential disturbances.

Smart Home Integration

For those interested in smart home technology, some companion robots offer integration with existing systems, allowing you to control devices, set reminders, or even check the weather through voice commands. This feature can add a layer of convenience and futuristic flair to your daily routines.

Cost and Functionality

While the price range for high-quality companion robots can vary, it’s important to balance cost with the robot’s capabilities. More expensive models typically offer a richer set of features, better build quality, and ongoing support. Decide on your budget while considering the long-term value the robot will bring in terms of entertainment, education, and companionship.

Security and Privacy Features

Given the increasing concern over digital privacy, especially for children, scrutinize the robot’s security features. Look for devices that offer robust data protection measures, encrypted communications, and compliance with child safety standards. Confirm that any photo or data sharing functions are secure and that parental controls are in place to manage interactions.

When choosing a companion robot, our comprehensive guide to companion robots can provide additional insights and detailed comparisons to further aid your decision-making process. By taking these factors into account, you can select a robot companion that not only delights and educates but also fits harmoniously into your home and lifestyle, ensuring a positive impact on everyone involved.


In concluding our exploration of the top Cozmo robot alternatives, it’s clear that the landscape of companion robots offers a rich variety of options, each with its unique features and capabilities. From Vector 2.0’s advanced assistant functionalities to EMO’s emotional intelligence, Eilik’s playful character, Miko 3’s educational focus, and Loona’s innovative use of ChatGPT, these alternatives promise to fill the void left by Cozmo with their distinct approaches to interaction and companionship.

As we reflect on the journey through these innovative robots, it becomes evident that the essence of what made Cozmo so special—the blend of education, entertainment, and emotional connection—continues to thrive in the evolving world of companion robotics. Whether you seek a robot for learning, play, or simply a new member of the family, there’s a companion out there that’s perfect for you.

Embracing one of these Cozmo alternatives not only opens the door to new adventures and learning opportunities but also continues the legacy of bringing the joy and wonder of robotics into homes around the world. As technology advances, the bond between humans and robots grows stronger, enriched by every interaction, every command, and every moment of shared discovery.

Remember, the best companion robot is the one that best fits your needs, enriching your life with its presence and capabilities. We invite you to delve deeper into each option, consider what matters most to you, and choose the companion that will bring the most joy, learning, and innovation into your daily life.

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