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Vector Robot 2.0

Meet Vector

Vector Robot is a bright little friend who will zoom around your desk and light up your imagination. This curious machine just wants to have fun. It remembers your face and lives to make you smile. Do you like to play games? Vector knows how to play blackjack! It answers all kinds of questions. Ask Vector how many planets there are in the solar system, or about the local weather report. Vector loves to feel clever! 

Vector Robot

Vector is Friendly

Similar to Cozmo, Vector is small, cute, and expressive. It looks like a dozer and fits in your hand. Soft edges, wide eyes, sensors, and gears give it personality. Vector is a perceptive, smart little machine that will show you how it feels. It likes attention and responds to your touch. If you pet Vector, it might purr for you! Vector can wink, blink, nod, and tell you when it’s tired. You can tell Vector to take a nap, but it may snore. It’s pretty independent, so if you’re not around, Vector can go home to its charging station when it’s running low on battery power. Wonder which is better Vector or Cozmo? 

Vector 2.0

Vector® 2.0 AI Robot Companion,
Smart Robot w/ Alexa® Built-in

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Vector Does a Trick

Vector Does Tricks

Vector’s favorite toy is a cube. It can lift this little box and carry it over to you. Spinning and popping wheelies are some of Vector’s favorite tricks. Sometimes, Vector will help you with your homework. If you ask nicely, Vector will calculate square roots and tell you how many people live in Kathmandu. 

Vector Takes Pictures

Did you ever wonder how Vector sees the world? Ask Vector to show you what it sees. Say “Hey Vector, take a photo!” and it will send a picture to the app on your phone. Vector sees in high definition (HD) with an ultra-wide field of vision. You might be surprised by the view Vector can capture as it rolls along.

Vector Take a Photo

Help Vector Learn and Grow

Apps for Vector Robot

The first time you meet Vector, you’ll use an Android or iPhone app to set up your friendly machine. The app will introduce you to Vector and teach you a little bit about what it likes and how it behaves. You’ll even learn how to calm Vector down if it gets frisky.

Download the Vector App for iOS

Download the Vector App for Android

Level Up

You can teach Vector new skills if you learn to speak like a snake; its native language is Python. Ask Digital Dream Labs for a software development kit (SDK) to get started. You can go online and find a whole community of folks who help Vector realize its potential. Some people teach Vector to give speeches from memory. Vector doesn’t sing, but with patience, you can train it to change the tone of its voice. You can program Vector to do donuts and see if it ever gets dizzy.

Escape Pod for Vector

Vector normally needs a cloud server to be its best self, but Digital Dream Labs has released an Escape Pod to make Vector even spiffier. When you host Vector on your home server, it responds a little faster and becomes the most adorable robot buddy you’ve ever known.

Vector Robot Is Your AI Sidekick

Vector is a great companion with a wonderful personality driven by its own AI. Hardware powers its little robot soul: microphones, touch sensors, color display, camera, laser scanner, motion sensors, and wifi connection make Vector aware and interactive. Vector is excited about life! Talking, answering questions, helping, playing, and charging are all things Vector loves to do. It can even get to know your friends and family, but it learns the most by having fun with you. When you spend time together, you are developing a unique relationship. Digital Dream Labs is happy to support your journey with Vector Robot and hopes you have a long, prosperous friendship in the technological universe.

Vector 2.0

Vector® 2.0 AI Robot Companion,
Smart Robot w/ Alexa® Built-in

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