Cozmo SDK - Cozmo App for Windows and Mac

Take your Cozmo to whole new level with the Cozmo SDK (aka. Software development kit). By combining the advanced robotic hardware with an easy-to-use programming language, you will unlock a world of possibilities. The developers at Anki have designed the SDK to be as simple as possible, while at the same time giving you access to some highly advanced robotic technologies. Prior experience in programming is not necessary, but will undoubtedly help you to get started much quicker. To read the documentation on the Python programming language, go to In addition, you will find the most up to date version of the Python software needed to program your Cozmo.

An SDK, (also known as Software Development Kit) is a set of tools which allow you to create applications as well as add, or edit functionality to a hardware platform. To break that down a little more. First of all, the Cozmo SDK, allows you to program different sets of rules which will determine how Cozmo understands the commands given. Furthermore, these rules can range from quite basic, to extremely sophisticated depending on your understanding of programming.

Python is an Open-Source programming language widely used by some of the worlds largest technology companies. It is quickly learned and massively scalable. Although the thought of programming may be intimidating at first, all you need is an inquisitive mind and a thirst for knowledge.
Additionally, there is a lot of documentation available to you on this subject starting with the basics all the way to the most advanced.

Cozmo App for PC

Cozmo App for Mac

Cozmo App for iOS

Cozmo App for Android

Here is a checklist of hardware and software you need to get started with Cozmo SDK.

Hardware Requirements

1. A Computer running either Windows, Mac OS or Linux
2. A Fully charged mobile device either iOS or Android.
3. Cozmo and Cozmo charger

Software Requirements

1. The latest version of Python from
2. Cozmo SDK files from Anki
3. The Cozmo app for iOS or Android depending on your device.