Cozmo Accessories

Cozmo Accessories, Apps and More

Cozmo comes complete with all the accessories you need to get started right away. There are however some excellent additional accessories which are available and will allow you to customize your Cozmo and take it to the next level.

Cozmo Classic

Classic Cozmo

Most commonly Cozmo is found as a classic edition which is widely available. You will recognize the white and red color configuration.

Here is What’s Included

One self-aware robot
One Self-Aware Cozmo Robot
One Charging Station
One Charging Station

Three Interactive Cubes
Set of Three Interactive Cubes

Here is What’s Needed

Cozmo App
Free Cozmo App
Mobile Device
Mobile Device
Safe Play Environment
A Safe Play Environment
Cozmo Collectors Edition

Cozmo Collector Edition

Cozmo is now available in a limited collector edition. While the internal components are the same, the collector’s edition comes with a sleek liquid metal finish.

Cozmo Track Pack

Cozmo Tread Pack

The track pack is a perfect way for you to personalize your Cozmo. Tracks are available in a variety of vibrant colors and sure to bring out Cozmo’s personality.

Cozmo Carrying Case

Cozmo Carrying Case
Cozmo Carry Case

Give your Cozmo the ultimate accessory. This carrying case provides custom molded compartments to store and transport your Cozmo and Cozmo accessories safely. Each case comfortably holds 3 Cubes, 1 Charger, and 1 Cozmo robot.