Set of Cozmo replacement cubes

Replacement Cubes for Cozmo

While many of you have come to know and love Cozmo over the years, it’s possible that you may be in need of new set of replacement cubes. Over time the cubes may have become damaged in any number of ways, or even lost.

Unfortunately, at this time there is a very limited source of replacement cubes for Cozmo. That is, at least until the release of Cozmo 2.0 when all new cubes will be available. However, if you need a new set of three cubes now, and you cannot wait for the next version of Cozmo to hit the digital shelves, then you may still find the cubes by following this link > HERE

Cozmo Cube FAQ

This is a set of three replacement cubes for Cozmo.

No. This set of three cubes only works with Cozmo. Unfortunately, Vector and Cozmo do not share cubes, they use entirely different symbols on o their respective cubes. 

Yes. The cubes come with the appropriate batteries preinstalled in the replacement cubes.

If you are looking to replace the batteries in your existing cubes, use Alkaline N / E90 / LR1 1.5 Volt batteries only. Never use A23, or rechargeable  batteries in your cubes as these can cause irreversible damage.

To reset simply unscrew the lid from the cube. Wait ten seconds before replacing the lid. If the batteries are are in optimal charge, the LED with flash Red>Green>then Blue.

Place your cubes near Cozmo.

To make sure your cubes are synced, check the "cube status" in the "settings". 
If all is good, you will see a green check. 
If not it will say "not connected". If your cubes are not connected, click the "auto connect to cubes" and the re-sync should take place. 


If you've tired everything and nothing seems to be working contact the official Cozmo support HERE
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