Set of Cozmo replacement cubes

Replacement Cubes for Cozmo

While many of you have come to know and love Cozmo over the years, it is possible that you may be in need of a new set of replacement cubes. Over time the cubes may have become damaged in any number of ways, or even lost.

Unfortunately, Cozmo replacement cubes have been hard to come by, and the only place I’ve seen them available was on Amazon, through the Anki Store. That is, at least until the recent release of Cozmo 2.0.

Now that Digital Dream Labs has re-released the friendly little robot pal, as well as a new and improved Vector 2.0, they are also providing replacement Cozmo cubes which are sold individually. 

Cozmo cubes for sale are available, and compatible with Cozmo 2.0, as well as the Classic Cozmo and the limited editions versions.

Available Replacement Cubes for Cozmo 2.0

cozmo replacement cubes

Anki Cozmo Replacement Cubes Set 1, 2, & 3

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cozmo replacement cubes

OEM Replacement Cubes #1 "Paperclip", #2 "Anglepoise Lamp", and #3 "Deli Slicer"
Sold individually. $19.99 each

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Comzo Cube Battery Replacement

It’s worth noting that before you look for a It’s worth noting that before you look for a replacement cube for your Cozmo, you should consider replacing the cube battery first. And, in order to replace the battery, you need to know what battery the cube uses and equally important, which one you should never use.

What battery does the Cozmo cube use?

  • Alkaline N / E90 / LR1 1.5 Volt batteries only.
  • Do Not Use A23 batteries. They will cause damage to your Cozmo cubes.
  • Do Not Use rechargeable batteries. These will also cause damage to the cubes.
Alkaline E90, LR1 N, 1.5 volt batteris

E90 Alkaline Batteries, 1.5Volt, LR1 N 

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How to replace the Cozmo cube battery

Replacing the Cozmo cube battery is quite simple, and only requires two things.
First, you need a #2 Phillips head screwdriver, the “cross head” one.
Secondly, you need at least one new E90 Alkaline battery, 1.5 volt, size LR1 N. (each cube requires one battery)
And last, but certainly not least, you need to have a proper way of disposing of the used batteries. 

  1. Remove the cube cover by unscrewing the single screw and open the cube.
  2. Remove, and set aside the used battery and prepare it for proper and safe disposal. 
  3. Replace the dead battery with one, new Alkaline N / E90 / LR1 1.5 Volt battery (Positive end up)
  4. Replace the cube cover and screw the Phillips screw down. (do not over screw, as you will cause damage to the cube)

Cozmo cubes not working with new batteries?


  • If for some reason one or more of your Cozmo cubes is causing you trouble, you should start by checking the cube battery. Follow the instructions above to replace the battery. 
  • Occasionally a cube will need to be reset. Similar to the instructions above you will need to remove the cube cover and wait for 10 seconds for the cube to reset. Close and screw the cube coverban on and you see the cube false Red > Green > Blue, this indicates that the battery is fine.  
  • Make sure Cozmo is near the cube when replacing the battery or resetting the cube. 
  • Finally, you may need to check if the Cozmo cubes are synced. Go to “settings > cube status”. When properly connected you will see a green check indicating a successful sync. If Cozmo and the cube are not synced properly, you will see the “not connected” status. To fix this, click on “auto connect to cube” and Cozmo will search and re-sync with the cube. It’s important to do this, especially after the cube has been reset, or the batteries have been replaced. 

Cozmo Cube FAQ

This is a set of three replacement cubes for Cozmo.

No. This set of three cubes only works with Cozmo. Unfortunately, Vector and Cozmo do not share cubes, they use entirely different symbols on o their respective cubes. 

Yes. The cubes come with the appropriate batteries preinstalled in the replacement cubes.

If you are looking to replace the batteries in your existing cubes, use Alkaline N / E90 / LR1 1.5 Volt batteries only. Never use A23, or rechargeable  batteries in your cubes as these can cause irreversible damage.

To reset simply unscrew the lid from the cube. Wait ten seconds before replacing the lid. If the batteries are are in optimal charge, the LED with flash Red>Green>then Blue.

Place your cubes near Cozmo.

To make sure your cubes are synced, check the "cube status" in the "settings". 
If all is good, you will see a green check. 
If not it will say "not connected". If your cubes are not connected, click the "auto connect to cubes" and the re-sync should take place. 


If you've tired everything and nothing seems to be working contact the official Cozmo support.