Anki Cozmo Tread Pack Accessory

Anki Cozmo Tread Pack

Anki Cozmo Tread Pack – Show Comzo You Care With a New Set of Treads

Without a doubt, your Cozmo has a unique personality, why not give them the Anki Cozmo Tread Pack to match. Each accessory pack comes with four pairs of brightly colored treads. The package contains two of each of the following colors: Osmosis Blue, Luminus Lime, New Dawn Yellow, and Crimson Flame. Since Cozmo has many moods, the tread pack is the perfect accessory to show how unique they are. By all means, try each set on their own, or mix and match and the mood strikes. Made from high quilty nonmarking materials. Also, the treads are easy to swap out with minimal effort.

Anki Cozmo Tread Pack Accessory

Anki Cozmo Tread Pack

  • Cozmo’s got some new treads to suit his many moods
  • Includes 4 pairs of treads: osmosis blue, luminous lime, new Dawn yellow, and Crimson Flame
  • Made of durable, non-marking material
  • Easy to remove and put on
  • Cozmo and a compatible mobile device are required

Ozmosis Blue

Anki Cozmo Ozmosis Blue Tread Accessory
Starting with Ozmosis Blue, a Tread color that shows Cozmo’s calmer side. This tread may also bring out more creativity and even a little excitement.

Luminous Lime

Anki Cozmo Luminous Lime Tread Accessory
Reenergize Cozmo with the Luminous Lime tread. This color can bring out both calmness as well as his inquisitive nature.

New Dawn Yellow

New Dawn Yellow Tread Pack Accessory
New Dawn yellow is one of the most playful of the Tread colors. Expect to see the mischievous side of Cozmo when sporting this set.

Crimson Flame

Crimson Flame Tread Pack Accessory
Finally, the Crimson Flame Tread brings out the feisty and playful mood. This color, known for its intensity, is sure to fire your Cozmo up.