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Dive into the innovative realm of artificial intelligence with Cozmo Robot 2.0. This isn’t just another toy; it’s a window into the future of interactive robotics. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and cameras, Cozmo Robot 2.0 offers an unparalleled experience, mirroring human-like interactions and responses, and recognizing emotions. Its ability to learn and evolve over time showcases the remarkable potential of AI in creating sophisticated, smart devices. adaptive companions. Anki’s Cozmo Robot 2.0 is not just a step but a leap in the journey of robotics, demonstrating the profound capabilities of AI in crafting robots that are both engaging and intelligent.

Cozmo 2.0

Embark on a Robotic Adventure with Cozmo 2.0, the coding robot for kids!

🌟 Discover Robotics: Experience Cozmo 2.0, your interactive, award-winning robotic companion. Perfect for family fun and educational insights.

📚 Fun Learning with Code Lab: Dive into coding in an exciting, hands-on way. With Cozmo 2.0, learning to program becomes a playful and engaging experience, making it a premier coding robot for kids.

💡 Creativity Unleashed: Explore, learn, and play with advanced AI technology. Cozmo 2.0 is not just a toy, but a gateway to creativity and innovation.

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Cozmo is a small, interactive robot developed by Anki, a company that creates consumer robotics products. Designed to be a companion and playmate for children and adults, Cozmo has many features that allow it to learn, play games, and interact with its environment. With its expressive LCD screen “face,” built-in wheels, and range of sensors and cameras, Cozmo can move around and interact with its surroundings in various ways. 

In addition, users can program Cozmo using Code Lab, a graphical programming interface based on Scratch Blocks that Anki developed, to create their programs and routines for the robot to perform. As a result, Cozmo is a fun and engaging companion that will delight users of all ages.

Cozmo Key Features

Cozmo robot 2.0
  • Made using over 300 individual parts, it goes beyond a programmable toy to a smart coding robot for kids. It is curious, has an innate level of curiosity, which compels it to explore the surrounding world.
  • The environment is analyzed using the built-in camera, sensors, a gyroscope and a downward-facing cliff detector. All data transfers to a smartphone or tablet. There is no image transfer to the cloud required.
  • Code Lab is part of the program structure. It allows new coders a program to personalize expressive attributes. A few blocks of code can be dragged and dropped, creating a unique experience.
  • There is immediate recognition of pets. Like people, the toy loves cats and dogs and immediately can differentiate between the two.
  • Names are learned by scanning facial features and recording specific dimensions. There are no photographs stored. The entered name will be remembered based on the scanned numerical features.
  • Names of persons can quickly be deleted using the app. You can remove individual users, or a complete system delete will allow users to start all over from scratch.
  • Users will appreciate that while the toy might appear to be a fragile electronic device, it is built to be durable. Thousands of tests have been performed to make a product that will provide years of enjoyment with the smart, toy robot, Anki Cozmo.
  • The internal memory is as real-life as any. The robot can be fed up to 30 characters at a time and goes through a rather amusing process to learn proper pronunciation.
  • Another exciting feature is the way it reacts based on its mood. There will be times when the reactions are docile, but in other situations, the response will border on downright ornery.

Cozmo Robot Technical Specifications

  • The toy will fit in the palm of an adult’s hand. It weighs only 3 pounds, with base dimensions of 5-inches by 7½-inches.
  • There is no assembly required. It comes complete with charger and three interactive power cubes. With the free app, it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • The toy is programmed to play challenging games, or in explorer mode where users can see the world from their robot’s perspective.
Cozmo Robot 2.0
  • There is a powerful software development kit (SDK) installed. This software allows code experts to create millions of unique experiences.
  • By using Cosmo’s app, there are 32 set challenges to spur ideas. However, users in the Code Lab can explore an endless array of unique experiences to try on their toy.
  • This unique programmability widely expands the functional use of the toy. It goes beyond a hard-wired mechanical device such as those used in assembly lines, which can only perform pre-programmed functions.
  • The vision capabilities are quite robust. These cameras work as tools like nothing else in the consumer robotics industry, equipped with wifi for smart control.
  • Python is the programming language. Python makes the process of programming easy to learn and adaptable. The toy can be used as an engaging plaything, or for educational and therapeutic purposes.
  • Connected to a smartphone or a tablet, the processor will function without an internet connection.
  • The system uses an internal Lithium-ion battery. Average charge time is roughly 30-minutes from an entirely drained state.
  • Each of the three-game cubes requires a 1.5 Volt / N size battery,  also known as E90 or LR1 batteries. Each cube battery can last up to 40 hours of gameplay before needing a new charge.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line surrounding this little Anki Cozmo, the smart robotics toy is rather simple. While it is innocently simplistic, designed for children, it signals the vast potential of artificial intelligence in the future. Cozmo Robot is a technologically refined product with the ability to analyze and adapt to its environment. It is a robot with personality.

With the ability to exude a human-like expressiveness, Cozmo is a step towards more elaborate robots. Anki has taken robotics a step beyond the autonomous little race cars that preceded this unique product. The age of artificial intelligence is booming, and this cute robot toy may be the door to the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cozmo Robot 2.0

Anki launched its new Cozmo product in the US back in October of 2016. Additional models were added to the line such as the "collectors edition" in 2017, and the "liquid metal" version as well as a "limited edition" in 2018. Due to the lack of funding, Anki had no choice but to shutdown its operation in the following year, 2019.  There is however, a silver lining for Cozmo. Enter,  Digital Dream Labs

Anki was forced to shutdown in May of 2019. Not long after, an Ed-tech company out of Pittsburg, called Digital Dream Labs acquired the Anki assets including Cozmo, Vector, and Overdrive. 

Currently, Cozmo 2.0 pre-sale is now closed. Cozmo can be purchased online via Amazon, or eBay. 


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Cozmo allows you to learn, create and explore the world of robotics and basic coding through an advances, interactive interface.